Sliding Folding Doors – Eurofold


Gate Frame
Extra strength is gained from the gate frame, which is formed from unique double channel vertical pickets made from galvanised steel, 1.2mm thick. These are interconnected by 2mm thick galvanised cold formed lattice bars. The gate frame is top hung from a ball bearing pulley connected to the picket by zinc plated pulley brackets. At the bottom the frame is fitted with zinc plated bottom guide pieces designed to run in a bottom track.

Leading Edge
The high security leading edge strengthens the shutter further and is manufactured from a galvanised section, which incorporates pull handles. A draught excluding overlapping section is provided. Folding shutters are less susceptible to vehicular damage as the moving leading edges are always in the eyeline unlike vertically rising products which regularly sustain damage before reaching the fully opened position.

Shutter Leaves
Extra strength and ease of operation is gained from the full height galvanised steel shutter leaves 305mm wide x 1.2mm thick. These are formed into a unique detail around 3mm diameter strengthening wires to provide a continuous interlocking weather tight elevation when interconnected by securely capped galvanised hinge strips.

Top Track
The standard top track from which the shutter is suspended is constructed from two galvanised steel sections 90mm deep, bolted together to give a strong smooth running section for the shutter thus minimising friction. Only a small amount of headroom is required for the top track and variable packing is provided to allow adjustment in height during longer term service requirements.

Bottom Track
The bottom guide pieces are retained within a special 3mm thick galvanised steel bottom track.

Cover Plate
A galvanised steel weather cover panel is provided over the top of the shutter leaves which is bolted to the top track and supported by straps to give security and weather protection.

End Panels
For doors face-fixed behind and bunching clear of the opening, a neat draught resistant closure is provided from galvanised steel sheet end panels. For increased security, single doors close on to a galvanised steel slam channel (25mm x 25mm) fixed full height to the operating structure.

All shutters are supplied with appropriate fixing bolts for the top track, back fixings, locking channel and, where applicable, for end panel and cantilever brackets.

Shutter Arrangements
Folding shutters are supplied to fit internal, between or external of opening structure, shutters are supplied single (bunching to one side), or in a pair i.e. bi-parting, manual or as an extra, electrically operated.


All our products are manufactured to a very high specification. However, planned maintenance can ensure trouble free operation.

Our Service Department can advise on a suitable maintenance agreement.