Rapid Roll / Fast Action Doors

RapidRoll® 300 High Performance Industrial Door

The model 300 is the second model in our economy range for internal applications. The design enables you to purchase a door at a very economical price. The fast opening and closing speed saves the energy costs. As an option, a knock out facility is available.

RapidRoll® 300 Plus High Performance Industrial Door

Very economical interior Door for universal use. Very compact, light High Speed Door for various applications like Isolation, noise protection, Over- under Pressure, Wind, It is standard for this type of door curtain possesses a tension system, which hold the curtain always taut tensioned. Self – opening up to 1,8 m after having opened the break or automatically opening in case of energy stop.

RapidRoll® 355 High Performance Industrial Door

Excellent for use in pharmaceutical and food processing applications. With opening speeds up to 2,5 metre per second, the RapidRoll® 355 is designed for fast paced, high-traffic interior environments. A transparent door panel provides excellent visibility. Breakaway bottom beam resets in minutes while minimizing door damage. Patented Contactless Safety Edge® detects objects anywhere in the door path and reverses the curtain before contact.

RapidRoll® 392 High Performance Industrial Door

Ideal for manufacturing and warehousing facilitates, the RapidRoll® 392 features superior wind resistance for large interior and exterior applications. Custom configured for openings as large as 6 metres wide and 6 metres high. Opening and closing speeds up to 0.8 metre per second save energy costs within temperature-controlled environments. The bottom beam breaks free on impact, minimising door damage and can be reset within minutes.

RapidRoll® 450/600/600 G High Performance Industrial Door

The RapidRoll® 450/600/600 G is an all-rounder and perfect for numerous industrial and logistical requirements. As an exterior door, it seperates bays, provides protection against noise and foreign particles. The door’s side frames are made from aluminium. The standard curtain tension system ensures optimum curtain tension. The pre-running safety photocell is standard. Optionally, there is a self-repairing breakaway capability.

RapidRoll® 600 High Performance Industrial Door

The RapidRoll® 600 uses a modular design to provide superior operation. Fast opening and closing speeds improve workflow and lower utility and maintenance costs while offering high wind resistance, substantial safety features, and reliable performance in high traffic areas.
With a variety of features and options this durable high performance door can be configured for a wide range of interior or rugged exterior applications.

RapidRoll® 3000 series High Performance Industrial Door

The RapidRoll® 3000 is the fastest high speed rolling metal door on the market. This reliable exterior door enhances security while increasing operational savings. Patented DiscDrive technology reduces wear, vibration and noise during operation. Features durable double walled anodized aluminum slats. Optional slat configurations include windows, ventilated, or insulated. Patented Contactless Safety Edge® detects objects anywhere in the door path and reverses the curtain before contact.

RapidRoll® Machine Protection Door

RapidRoll are fast-action industrial doors designed for areas where high operating speed and frequency of use are major requirements. RapidRoll 330 MP doors are designed primarily for machinery protection. Internal use only.